First criticism on poetry Brochure “The Siege” (2017) by Asim Kumar Paul, is made by Dr. M. Thirumeni



Chairman, Chennai Poets Circle, India


Exaltation of Asim Kumar Paul’s poetry

“The siege” by Asim Kumar is a wonderful collection of poems on nature and human experiences. His poems are on clouds and he has a fascination for clouds. The cloud is to him a symbol of freedom, movement and action. Not only that for him clouds are the windows of heaven to see the secrets of heaven and Gods.

He reflects more aspects of romantic poets like Shelley and Wordsworth. Two poems are very impressive:

They are ‘Love and Life’ and ‘Divine Wedding’. The spirit in the first poem is that of a romantic lover. Even if he falls he can stand up and can get strength from the hands of his lady. Her presence gives him life, hope and happiness. The lover does not like loneliness; he likes the company of a woman. He gets fresh life from the smell of her Belli flower.

The best poem is ‘Divine Wedding’. The poet Yeats’ poem on ‘Prayer for my Daughter’ reflects the aspiration and worries of a father about the future life of a daughter in the midst of human and natural disasters. Here the poet gets the message from his dream. His dead sister asks him to guide her daughter to a peaceful and settled life.

The Bengali poet gives directions for a peaceful life to his niece. She should be cheerful and peaceful. She should do the house-hold works cheerfully. She should entertain the guests and relations in a graceful manner. This advice is applicable to all women in India.

Asim Kumar is our Shelly, Keats and modern Tagore.

Let his poems prosper in the lips of English readers.


Sd/- M. Thirumeni


In Guntur Conference.


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